25 x 25 cm

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‘Teddy and Freddy live in one house
Teddy – above and Freddy – below.
Teddy is calm and quiet as a mouse
while Freddy always has parties to throw.’
Révolte monkeys are in our 18th-century blue Dutch home. It’s difficult to predict the outcome of this game.


This ornate decorative plate, which the French call ‘vide-poche’, is a vessel you can use for all kinds of bits and bobs when you want to empty your pockets. It combines the delicacy of porcelain with a classic and solid form.

Decorated and finished with real gold, it is a perfect platter for jewellery, cosmetics or keys. It’s an object with personality, an essential detail of a contemporary interior. Functional and decorative. It introduces a touch of fairy-tale and of an eclectic French style full of lightness and witty humour.

It is perfect for places where bits and bobs accumulate on their own: on the console in the hall, in the bathroom, on the desk or table in the living room, and everywhere else where it will draw attention to itself, making the home far from monotonous. It also makes for an original birthday or wedding present.